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Become part of the ProFit team offering your individual programmes to your clients.
Tap into New Revenue Streams

Take your fitness business online. By adding online personal training to your services, you’ll be tapping into new and rapidly-growing revenue streams and redefining the way you train.

Build Exercise Plans

Build personalised exercise plans, featuring high-quality videos, that your client can access on their phone with ease. Clients can log workouts – exercises, sets, weights, reps as they train or later.

Create Meal Plans

Deliver personalised meal plans to your clients on their phones tailored to their specific goals and requirements. These can be edited or new plans can be added by the trainer as necessary.

Track Clients' Progress

Get a view of your client’s progress with body stats, progress photos, and reports on exercise results tracked and submitted by the client. This will help you modify a client’s diet or exercise plan as you see necessary.


Easily set up your own programmes and pricing with recurring monthly or upfront payment options. View reports of your packages income for any date range.

How it Works
Profile & Packages

As a Trainer, you’ll get a backend portal on our website where you can create your profile with information about yourself, setup your online training packages, as well as upload e-brochures you may wish clients to view. This will display on our website for clients to browse.

View Example Profile
Trainer Profile Packages
Trainer Client List
Manage Clients

Once a Client has selected one of your package options, you will receive an email and have the opportunity to interact with the Client to secure their purchase of your training package and arrange with them for payment.

You can view a list of your Clients in your portal, activate them, mark them as in arrears as well as suspend them if necessary.

Exercise & Meal Plans

You can create Exercise and Meal Plans for your Clients, drawing on our database of hundreds of exercises and foods. Our unique calendar view interface, makes it easy to create plans quickly.

Your Client can easily view the Exercise and Meal Plans you created for them, on their phone or computer with our free mobile app and mobile-friendly website. The exercises are illustrated with photos and videos made by our founding director and online coach, Dave Watkeys.

Exercise Plan Creation Calendar View
Client Progress - Photos
Track Clients' Progress

You are able to monitor your Clients’ progress by viewing their profile photos, weight stats and exercise logs uploaded by them. You can also modify the Exercise and Meal Plans when needed.

Only pay for what you have sold!

For up to and including 5 Clients trained, the use of the ProFit system is FREE, 8,5% up to and including 30 Clients, 7,5% up to and including 50 Clients or 5,5% if you have more than 50 Clients or 5% for more than 100. It’s a % of the gross fees you charge to your client, payable when the funds are due by the client, so monthly if they are on a monthly plan or upfront if they have selected an upfront plan.

We will invoice you monthly for the commission due, for the use of our website and app. Access to the system is FREE for all Clients to use.

See full Terms and Conditions here.

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Become part of the ProFit Team offering your Clients personalised programmes, which they can easily access from our handy mobile App and Website.

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