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Steve Nevesac
United States
+1 424 386 5810
Meet Steve

I have always been passionate about health, fitness & bodybuilding. I started my journey in fitness education over 10 years ago. Since then, I have never stopped learning or testing new practices in the fitness industry. I graduated from a physical training university in Russia. I’m the author of many articles about workout and nutrition in Russian magazines and websites. After moving to the US around three years ago, I also started a web blog for my English speaking audience. 

My goal as a personal trainer and online coach is to inspire and help my customers to achieve their goals. My programs are suited for any level of customer, from beginner to advanced level, they have also been positively tested on myself and my offline customers. 

My fitness programs are social life friendly and created according to modern world requirements, because time is money. So, you won’t spend all your free time working out or cooking, you won’t starve or even completely exclude junk food from your diet. The goal is to start enjoying the process and start feeling like your body is becoming healthier and more attractive.



BA Physical Training / Sponsored Fitness Athlete


Over a hundred satisfied customers of all levels

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