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Sergio Van Leeve
South Africa
Meet Sergio

Growing up from a very young age I was always involved in training and eating well due to my sporting career. As an individual living this lifestyle I realised that not a lot of people saw the purest benefit of training and eating well, that being, looking and feeling good. I decided to go on and further my studies in this field with the purpose of changing peoples’ lives through exercise and nutrition.

Whilst studying I competed several times, which taught me, needless to say a lot of lessons. In 2018 I relocated to Cape Town to grow my personal training business even further and do my best to better the lives of others through my coaching. In so doing I realised there’s only so many people I can see in a day which led me to becoming a lifestyle coach. I started my online business to share my knowledge of how correct nutrition and training together with my personal approach and specific plans for each individuals needs can change one’s life for the better.

Attention to detail
Personal investment/approach
Tailored to your needs
Detailed food likes/dislikes
Overall lifestyle improvement

Having competed and seen the worst within the fitness industry, I am  completely against poor service and other unsustainable methods of diet.

Monotonous diets
Competition type diets for the average Joe
No variety in foods
Lack of actual proper nutrition i.e Balanced Diet
Seeing individuals rebound horribly
Insecurities through lack of progress

Just because the first 3 letters of diet tell you to die, doesn’t mean you have to in order to obtain your goals. It should never be a negative relationship with the process of dieting and training. With me as your coach you will experience a well balanced healthy diet with plenty of variety in foods according to your likes/dislikes. No carbs, I say no way. You will experience a maintainable and healthy way to lose weight and feel good doing so.


National Diploma in Fitness(Exercise Specialist) - ETA College
Ceritificate for Massage in Sport & Fitness(Sports Massage Therapist) - ETA College
Certificate in Sports Strapping - BSN Medical


Competed as an atlhlete in the IFBB
2016 King Shaka Classic - 3rd Place
2017 King Shaka Classic - 1st Place
2017 KZN Provincials - 1st Place(Earned KZN Colours)
2017 Competed at SA Champs representing KZN

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