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Rudie van der Merwe
South Africa
+27 83 281 2925
Meet Rudie

I started out as the smallest kid in class, playing sport and loving every second of it. After joining the gym to not only enhance my physical stature but also my sport conditioning, it soon became evident that this was to be my life's passion !

Since then I have dedicated myself to gaining knowledge in not only helping myself achieve the goals set fourth but also my clients in the best possible way. You only get 1 body, Lets make the best of it !


ETA Diploma in Fitness Exercise Specialist
Online Coach
Amateur Competitive Muscle Model


• 2013: 3rd place at IFBB RUDX Boksburg Classic Juniors u/23 years u/75kg
• 2013: 4th place at IFBB North Gauteng Provincials Juniors u/23 years u/75kg
• 2014: 4th place H&H Classic Juniors u/23 years u/75kg
• 2014: 5th place Rossi classic Juniors u/23 years
• 2015: 5th place Nabba Gauteng provincials juniors u/23 years
• 2015: 2nd place Nabba North West provincials u/23 years
• 2015 : 6th place Nabba SA National Championships Juniors u/23 years
• 2016 : 1st place IBFF Gauteng provincials juniors u/23
• 2016: 1st place IBFF Gauteng provincials men’s athletic
• 2016 : 2rd place Nabba North west provincials juniors u/23
• 2016 : 3rd place IBFF Mr & Mrs Universe in Italy Juniors u/23 years

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