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Nico 'The Viking' Basson
South Africa
+27 79 926 6002
Meet Nico 'The Viking'

I am very Passionate about living a healthy & balanced life. I believe that everyone can achieve their goals and still have a balanced lifestyle. I started in the health and fitness industry to help people feel better about themselves not just in the physical but also mentally and emotionally.
When I started living this lifestyle I realized that it influenced my whole life in a positive way. Boosting my Confidence, making more passionate about life, More disciplined and also realizing that life happens and what I am capable of achieving regardless of you circumstances.

I have helped a variety of athletes achieve their goals:
from ice hockey players to race car drivers.
I have worked with numerous cases of rehabilitation where I helped people regain their strength and confidence to be able to do their daily activities or hobbies which they never thought would be possible again.

I firmly believe that If you really want it we can make it happen, but only if we work together.

'Never stop pushing forward, you can slow down but never stop pushing'

Current Studies
- Life Coaching
-Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner


HFPA Qualified:
-Exercise Scientist
-Sports Conditioning Coach
-Training in Different Environments

Fitpro Qualified:
-Olympic Lifting Coach
-Sports Massage Therapist


Competitive Achievements

- 3rd Place IFBB H&H Classic
(Classic Bodybuilding)
- 5th Place IFBB Gauteng
(Classic Bodybuilding)

- 2nd Place PCA H&H
(Classic Bodybuilding)

-1st Place PCA Gauteng Provincials
(Classic Bodybuilding)

-2nd Place PCA Gauteng Provincials
(u/90kg Open Bodybuilding)

- 2nd Place South African Championships
(Classic Bodybuilding)

Qualified and Competed at PCA World Championships in London, Birmingham
(Classic Bodybuilding)

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