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Nevan Peacock
South Africa
+27 78 800 1881
Meet Nevan
  1. I started my fitness journey in 2011 but only got serious in 2013. After I matriculated in 2013 I went on to study architecture only to find out 3 months in that my passion lies in fitness and motivating people to live active and healthy. I was blessed enough to have parents that understood my desire and supported me in pursuing my passion. To this day it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I cant see myself anywhere else, being in the gym and training people is a passion I have that burns deep down. I am dedicated to the fitness world, and my life since high school is testament to that; I left a degree in architecture to pursue my dream and passion for being in the gym and making a positive impact on people’s lives. I believe if you don’t make your own dreams come true, someone will hire you to make theirs come true.

I’m good at motivating and educating people about different workouts and how they affect the body. I am very knowledgeable about the human body and musculature system, biomechanics and different aspects of fitness which I gained through studying Exercise science, trial & error and extensive efforts of practicing different research over the course of 5 years. I've worked through numerous personal injuries including a herniated lumbar disk and managed to program my training to where I'm able to squat and deadlift even better than I ever could. Most of what I know I learnt through experience. I don't speak from a book or Google. I speak from experience. Oh and I'm also a self proclaimed Form Guru.


Certificate in Exercise Science
National Certificate in Sports Management


Being able to do what I love.
1st Place XFE classic Men's athletic physique '19
3rd Place Summer Superbodies Classic physique & Men's athletic physique '19

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