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Mohammed Lutfi Sayed
South Africa
Meet Mohammed Lutfi

I believe fitness is not a hobby rather I take it to be a lifestyle. It certainly became my lifestyle when I began to discover the enjoyment and benefits of fitness. I had become obsessed with the gym and lifting. I was overweight and unfit, I was tired of my position and situation. I had tried a lot of so called "solutions",  all I got from them was disappointment and demotivation. So I did my research, learned how the body functions and took action. I have since then transformed myself not just physically but mentally. There were a lot of mistakes along my journey, but they have taught me my strengths and weaknesses, and that there are no short cuts, only hard work. I went on to study with Physical IQ and NASM to receive a National Certification in Fitness. The reason for my studying was to educate myself further to better myself, but also to help others on their journey, to show them "my slip ups" and mistakes and help them avoid it as well as help them train not just to look good but for functionality and longevity. After all these 3 things put together are really the summary for the reason most people go to the gym.


National Certification in Fitness
Physical IQ and NASM & Certified Group Fitness Instructor Physical IQ and NASM.


First Aid and CPR (level 1).

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