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Mike Glowinski
South Africa
+27 82 075 1224
Meet Mike

With over 11 years’ in the fitness industry, I have had the privilege of transforming my clients both physically and mentally. My personal motivation for a healthy lifestyle has allowed me to encourage people to do the same. My journey has not all positive and uphill, as my personal obstacles have caused major set backs in my life which I am proud to say I have overcome and l learnt critical life lesson’s that keep my mind positive on a day to day basis. Some of these set back’s have also allowed me to relate to my clients with their own personal challenge. From a femur break which involved 2 surgeries and months of rehab to suffering with an immune deficiency virus causing major depression and anxiety, all of which has taught me true effect on ones life and how to cope with them.

I am dedicated to making peoples lives better and strongly feel that with a healthy body and healthy mind we can ALL achieve our goals. Helping my clients transform there lives and lifestyle is what I do best as I believe that every client has individual needs and in the fitness industry there is no such thing as "one fits all", we are all different therefore it is essential to customised each and every nutritional plan and program in order to achieve ultimate results. I believe that if it doesn't challenge you it won't change you, so let’s work together in creating a new and improved YOU!

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Exercise Science Tri Focus
Personal Training Tri Focus
Advanced Nutrition Fit Pro
Plyometrics and Functional Fit Pro
Kettlebells Advanced Fit Pro
Pre and Post natal Pregnancy Training Fit Pro
Exercise Specialist and Sports conditioning coach


Competed Body Beautiful 2013
Competed Rossi 2014
2004 U16A Lions
2006 amateurs Boxing
2007 UJ First Team Squad
2008 Pirates

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