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Miguel Kember
South Africa
Meet Miguel

I've been in the fitness industry now as a trainer for over a decade, working at two of the biggest brands in South Africa, Virgin Active and Planet Fitness.

I have always been interested in bettering ones lifestyle and body. I find it very rewarding when I see a client achieve his or her goals in which they never thought they could achieve.

I strongly believe there is no shortcut in achieving the goals we want, as training for me needs to become apart of your daily routine and something you learn to enjoy. It's a feel good thing we should never neglect.

I want to teach you how to train, how to achieve your goals and keep them... And ofcoarse to enjoy the process.

I am an honest trainer and want the best for my client. I am not into short cuts and quick fixes as I simply don't believe in them. There is work to be done so let's get on with it!


National certificate in fitness.
Diploma in excercise science, Personal fitness Trainer and sports conditioning coach.


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