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Michael Searles
South Africa
+27 71 673 0638
Meet Michael

Fit Tricks

My Personal Training business is called "Fit Tricks,"  it is the home to my expertise and client success stories. The journey of health and strength is a long one, you better start it off right and make sure to be consistent with what works.

I always say that the Best "Trick," is a perfect execution of the basics, especially for Beginners. Do it right and know why your are doing it. Coaches are a necessity to administer the correct type and dosage of training.

What happens if one can't always do face to face training? Then the online world opens up to you, amazing opportunities, with just as much trainer access (that would be me). Even better yet, mix the two and you cant afford not to get your goals. My Nutritional Therapist and Exercise Science advice will be given every step of the way!


HFPA - Exercise Science
Health Academy Australia - Diploma in Natural Health


1. Best client achievement is a 90 kilo bodyweight loss over two years.
2. Average weight loss with regards to clients is 30 kilos.
3. Average strength gain with regards to clients is a 50% increase.
4. I've taught and empowered many men and women to be able to do chin ups, squats, deadlifts etc with a general increase in mobility too.
5. I've dealt with many back, knee and shoulder pain clients and have helped many post rehab patients return to basic strength levels.
6. Personal weight loss has been 26 kilos. I have also kept this off for years now.
7. Personal injuries have been sciatica, back strain, shoulder impingement and general niggles. I have learnt the hard way, how to train wisely and smartly.

Know Pain, No Gain....

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