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Mark Reyneke
South Africa
+27 72 018 5650
Meet Mark

I am an experienced Personal Trainer looking to enlarge my capacity and utilise my full potential. I currently work for a company as a full time personal trainer and I have noticed how much of my capacity is being wasted due to people looking for company more than a trainer in the physical gym environment. I am a goal Orientated person with an extreme focus on quality and client satisfaction.

I have 6 years of physical work experience within the field of fitness. I have a very large knowledge base regarding training, nutrition and supplementation, while also owning my own supplements distribution company on the side.

I could say that I have a passion for fitness, but so does every other trainer out there. So personally what sets me apart is programming that focuses on a large variety of different methods of training styles breaking away from the norms of society, while focusing largely on sequencing, effectiveness and intensity to optimise all areas of training instead of focusing at one aspect at a time. This method enhances the performance level and shortens the time frame needed to achieve the results you are looking for. Combining this programming style with quality nutrition and supplementation plans tailored to every single individuals body and how it reacts to certain macros and exercise methods, to ensure maximum efficiency and maintain a high rate of success.

Yes, I am still young and will admit that even with what I posses as 'Knowledge' currently there is still a lot that I do not know. I am always open minded and willing to learn through experience if it is backed by results, while staying safe and clean.

There is a lot of growth ahead for me within the industry and I certainly have a lot I want to learn in order to succeed, even though success is only until the next goal has been set.

Looking forward to provide you with a journey and not a race! To make it into a lifestyle and work with you to a healthier better version of yourself physically and stronger mentally.



Bachelor of Human Movement Science


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