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Josh Dwyer
South Africa
+27 72 346 7465
Meet Josh

Health and fitness have always been a part of me, but for some, does not come so easy. It's a part of our lives which we can easily overlook, and it's up to us as fitness professionals to help those understand the importance of living a fit and healthy lifestyle

I knew my future was in fitness when I realized my thirst for knowledge of the industry could not be quenched. I was always looking to learn more and pass on my knowledge to those who wanted to reach their fitness goals. I am a big believer in educating my clients about how and why the techniques I use can help them achieve their goals. This gives them the opportunity to continue their health and fitness journey on their own.


I have my own Fitness Consultancy business called The Lifestyle Engineers which I am slowly trying to make into a lifestyle brand too, to help individuals tap into their true potential and live the lifestyles they deserve.


Besides being a mentor and coach, I am also a friend and love to create long-lasting relationships with my clients. I believe in giving more value than making an extra buck.


I look forward to working with you and helping you along your health, fitness and lifestyle journey.




Fitness Diploma (Special Needs) from Exercise Teachers Academy.


International Master Trainer for Life Fitness, Escape & ICG.
Run a successful Fitness Consultancy Business

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