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Coaching by Johan Turkstra
South Africa
Meet Coaching by Johan

Welcome potential client. My name is Johan Turkstra. I am a 25 year old BA and LLB Law graduate currently specializing in lifestyle plans, body transformations, competition prep and photo shoot prep. I also offer advanced online training for competitive athletes as well as sport specific plans. I aim to please by adding foods that individuals enjoy in order to get them the balanced & sustainable results they deserve. I have worked with more than 100 individuals in the past and I currently have a team of 20+ individuals in my camp. Contact me today for a free online consultation.


I’m a two time Law graduate & Nutrition expert with more than 7 years experience in the field of nutrition and training. I’ve been working with individuals for the last 4 years and I enjoy every second of it.


Most noteworthy is a 3rd Place finish in the Men’s Physique Division at Gauteng Provincials in 2018 along with numerous top 5 finishes in various events countrywide.

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