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Joaquim De Jenga
South Africa
Meet Joaquim

My belief  is everyone has the ability to get their dream body under the correct guidance and programming. I believe in hard work, dedication, and a simple but effective way of dieting for long lasting results. By signing up with me you become part of my team (Gladiator Bodies) and we work on achieving whatever goal you may have.

As coach and trainer i understand the importance of individualisation among my client and make it my priority to tailor each diet, training and supplementation plan to the goals of each of my clients.  My goal is to give everyone the tools and guidance to change their physiques regardless of their financial situations and life obligations; to wake up with your dream body is a dream of many and I wish to make this dream a reality for everyone.

Everyone deserves to wake up feeling good and looking good or feel like they strong enough to lift a house.The key is Nutrition. Nutrition with correct stimulus (training) is a huge key in achieving any physical goal.

Whether the goal is strength, weight loss, toning or an aesthetically pleasing physique it’s all possible with the correct guidance.


HFPA Certificate in Essentials of Nutrition
HFPA Certificate in Essentials of Sports Nutrition
HFPA Certificate in Personal Training


1. Muscle Mulisha 2018 - 1st Junior Bodybuilding
2. Muscle Mulisha 2018 - 3rd Junior Classic Physique
3. Muscle Mulisha 2018 - 4th Senior Men Bodybuilding U/80kg

IPF World Champions 2017 - 3rd Sub-junior in the world
SA Records 2017:
Squat: 217,5kg
Bench: 147.5kg
Deadlift: 270kgs

2014 - Leopards Rugby Union - Iqhawe Week
2015 - Leopards Rugby Union Grant - Khomo Week
2016 - Leopards Rugby Union - Craven Week

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