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Jade Slabbert
South Africa
076 133 9655
Meet Jade

I am Jade Slabbert - Owner and creator of APEX Training.
I'm a multi qualified Personal Trainer with an all round passion for the fitness industry.

Starting a fitness journey was the best thing I ever did for myself.

It started as a way to challenge myself, to achieve a look I was proud of, to feel better and healthier. But what it has evolved into has become so much more.

Going on my fitness journey allowed me the outlet I needed in my life to practice and fine tune things like: discipline, self control, commitment, follow through, relentless work ethic, knowing when to push, knowing when to pull back and so much more.

And while the way I practiced these things was through my diet, through my daily training regimen and taking care of my body, it truly has positively affected every other area of my life.

I believe that a fitness journey, committing to a physique goal or a “healthier me” goal, can truly be the first step to changing your entire life around.

That is why APEX Training was created - to transform your life for the better through fitness.
I am here to guide you, educate and help you take that step. Start a fitness journey and commit to it like you never have before. This could be the decision that changes your life!


Personal Training Diploma - HFPA
Sports Conditioning Coach - HFPA
Sports Nutritionist - HFPA
Sports Massage Therapist - HFPA
Life Coach - Trifocus


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