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Jaco Claassen
South Africa
+27 82 747 2424
Meet Jaco

More and more I discover as technology is moving forward, the quality of people\'s health is moving backwards. As people are spending more and more time behind desks, laptops and being stuck in traffic, the quality of their posture is deteriorating and allows for all kinds of pain and discomfort.

I believe prevention is better then rehabilitation and it doesn\'t matter if you are a professional athlete or someone that is involved with the corporate world. Bad posture has a negative effect on each one of us and that carries over to our performance either on the field or at the office.

That is where I come in, my name is Jaco Claassen and I obtained a national diploma in fitness from HFPA. That is a full qualification that qualifies me to work internationally as an exercise specialist. I love to help people find their full physical potential, if it is either on the sport field, someone coming back from injury or just looking to improve their overall health and physique.

After my competitive rugby career was cut short by so many injuries, I was blessed to be able to study and stay in the field of fitness. I am now able to share with the next generation of athletes the finer details of sport specific conditioning and psychological capacity that they will need to acquire, so they may reach new levels of fitness and mental strength that they never even thought possible. Also being affected by so many injuries over my rugby career, I started developing a real interest in the recovery work of sports and everyday injuries and the process that needs to be followed to help people to get to their best again and to enjoy each day

I specialize in:

˗ Sports and injury recovery exercises
˗ Sports specific performance training (training for any sports discipline and for any age group
˗ Specialize in mobility and postural strengthening exercises as well as stretches for all age groups (sport athletes and everyday clients)
˗ Specialize in training youth athletes of all ages (kids development)
˗ Fitness exercise for at your desk (corporate business or individuals)
˗ Group sessions (any location)
˗ House calls (Train people in the comfort of their own home)
˗ Pre and post natal training
- Assisting in Nutrition


National Diploma In Fitness ( from HFPA )


- head conditioning coach for st Johns colledge ( 1st Rugby team)
- head conditioning coach 0/18 Golden Lions craven week side 2012
- head conditioning coach Pirates Rugby club
- involved with various lions amateur teams at Junior and senior levels
- involved with North Harbour academy and senior NPC 2nd 15 rugby team in New Zealand

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