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Dylan Brighton
South Africa
Meet Dylan

My journey as a fitness professional began as I was introduced to the multitude of physical and mental benefits of following a regular and moderated exercise regime. Throughout the subsequent months and watching how my body, and also my outlook on life changed, i realised that I needed to help other people experience the same drastic lifestyle change that I had gone through!

I originally joined a gym and started training regularly when I was training as part of the Senior National Men's Ice Hockey team in 2014, and fell in love with fitness.

My biggest passion within the fitness industry is specialised nutrition. This is because the correct eating plan can drastically affect your life in a plethora of ways, including but not limited to;
- Weight loss
- Improved mental function
- Increased performance capacity
- Better sense of well-being

I am a weight loss specialist.

Testemomials from current and/or previous clients:

  • Training with Dylan has been a love hate relationship, during the session I'm pretty sure I hate him, and then after when I see the results , its all love.
  • So incredibly professional but still accessible. Dylan makes it easy to reach out and talk about the workouts, and answers any questions I have. Not to mention how well informed he is about the post workout stuff. There are often muscles in my body sore that I didnt even know I had, but Dylan always has a stretch or bit of advice to offer.
  • I only looked as good as I did at my wedding because of Dylan's hard work
  • You have helped me become confident in my own skin again
  • I never expected to see my body change so much in such a short time!



- Certificate in Exercise Science
- Certificate in Personal Training
- Certificate in Sports Nutrition
- Certificate in Supplementation
- Certificate in EMS Training
- Diploma in personal training


- 60+ times representing Gauteng in ice hockey between 2006-2013
- South African Junior (U18) National Men's Ice Hockey team member 2012
- South African U20 National Men's Ice Hockey team reserve member 2013-14
- South African Senior National Men's Ice Hockey team reserve member 2014
- 7 times representing Gauteng in Japanese Jujitsu in 2014
- Regional Stand up Japanese Jujitsu champion 2014
- 7th place novice men's physique - IFBB novice 2015
- 3rd place junior classic bodybuilding - IFBB Summer Superbodies 2018
- 6th place senior classic bodybuilding - IFBB Summer Superbodies 2018

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