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Devon Henson
+27 79 880 4383
Meet Devon

Where my fitness journey began

I would count myself very fortunate to have come from a fitness orientated family where I was always around fitness and training. I have always eaten very well and been exposed to the correct way of training due to this.

I would say that the beginning of my weight training journey started when I was 14 years old but had been interested in training from 12 years old. My father wouldn’t let me lift any weights until I was able to do a certain number of pull-ups, dips and push-ups (body weight exercises) which essentially built the bases of my physique today.

My motivation to start working out and lifting came from my older brother, who taught me that consistency is key when it comes to training. There are no quick fixes. What you put in, you get out, simple!

What fitness means to me?

Fitness to me is about having a balanced lifestyle of healthy eating, regularly exercising and just being active in general. I look at fitness and training as the foundations to my life. What you put in you get out. Fitness allows me to express myself and push myself in a way that not many other aspects of life does. Most people my age go out and drink on the weekends whereas I would rather go and enjoy a solid workout.

A few of my accomplishments include:

Signing a 2 year contract with the Blue Bulls High Performance squad between 2015-2017 - couldn’t fulfil my commitment due to a Carotid Artery Dissection I sustained in the beginning of 2014. This prevented me from playing rugby again.
Provincial waterpolo 2008-2011
Grant Khomo u16A Lions Rugby Team 2012
South Africa u16A Rugby Squad 2012
Craven Week u18A Lions Rugby Team 2013

My views on training and eating plans:

I will structure each and every plan around each individual client differently. I believe that nothing should be eliminated or completely cut out of someone's life. The overall goal is a healthier lifestyle and overall healthier way of living.



BA Sport Psychology
Certified HFPA Personal Trainer
Level 1 IRB Rugby Coaching Certificate


South African U16A rugby team
Craven week u18A team Lions rugby player
Blue Bulls u19 Rugby Player

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