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Devon Bruce
South Africa
Meet Devon

Hi! My name is Devon and I am a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. My passion for health and fitness started when I was just 13 years old. Attending an all boys school that placed a large emphasis on physical activity, I was fascinated by the ways in which our bodies could be tested, recover, strengthen, and improve in performance. This started a never ending enthusiastic journey into the research of human physiology with a specific emphasis on sports nutrition and supplementation and how we can better understand what we consume as a means to prevent disease, improve physical performance and even enhance cognitive function.

While my goal in life was to become a fitness enthusiast and prove that achieving a great state of physical and mental health could be easily achieved, it wasn't until I started competitive bodybuilding that I realised just how much of a toll it took on not only my physical functionability, but my mental health too. I started to develop poor eating habits and had built a negative relationship with food. What's interesting to note, that which really doesn't get the attention it should, is that among the "elite", the "pros" and the "influencers" in this industry, is that they too suffer from these detrimental disorders which of course never get featured because of the stigma that would come with it. However, I have worked with enough clients and have been backstage enough times to recognise the sacrifices that have been made to achieve these "perfect" looks, in actual fact rarely provide an accurate reflection of their true mental state of health.

Through my studies in human psychology, nutrition and personal training I have come to understand and sympathise with the struggles that go on in a persons mind when they attempt to embark on a journey to improve the way they look. My goal as a trainer is to identify, bring to surface what my clients obstacle(s) may be, and work together to overcome these challenges and ultimately motivate, educate and inspire so that real, sustainable results can be achieved leaving them looking great and feeling like a new person.

Of course, it goes without saying that fitness should be made fun and enjoyable, and my custom plans aim to provide just that!



BSS (Hons) Clinical Psychology - UKZN
Certified Personal Trainer - NASM
Certified Personal Trainer - Physical IQ
Diploma in Sports Nutrition - Trifocus


IFBB Global Classic Shanghai - Competed
CBBA Bodybuilding Hangzhou - Competed
CBBA Men's Physique Hangzhou - 4th place

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