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CooperFit Coaching by Gareth Cooper
South Africa
Meet CooperFit Coaching

Welcome to CooperFit Coaching

With a decade of weightlifting experience and a certification as Personal Trainer - you are in good hands. If you're looking to test your limits both mentally and physically - I will transform your physique and change your perspective towards weightlifting.

I work with dedicated clients interested in the following:

Muscle Gain (Hypertrophy)
Strength Gain
Posture Realignment & Stretching
Nutritional Guidance
Performance Supplements

* My services are available to Male & Female - Beginner & Experienced - Junior & Senior *
My supervised packages are fit for all and are completely custom.
My unsupervised packages are more generic and may not be suited for all.


HFPA - Certified Personal Fitness Trainer


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