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Christiaan Vermeulen
South Africa
+2768 5873801
Meet Christiaan

Hi, my name is Christiaan.

I am qualified Personal trainer and sport conditioning coach with a background in professional rugby.

I love spending time in the gym or being active in the outdoors. I am a hardworking, dedicated person, who won't stop until I achieve what I set my mind to.

Being active, living a healthy lifestyle is something I am really passionate about. I strive to help my clients meet their ultimate fitness goal, whether it is getting into shape, bodybuilding, fat loss or working on your general fitness is my passion.

I was once told that everyone is an athlete. It’s our athletic goals that makes us different. Therefore, working out a program that will fit the need of each individual client is very important to me. Hard work pays off and from high level athlete to those with disabilities, or females with PCOS struggling with weight loss, I will do my best to keep each client motivated and happy and keep pushing them to see the fruits of their hard work.

I recently came back to South Africa after working at a high-class gym in Kuwait, training people from all ages and sizes.

There are no quick fixes and choosing to live a healthy lifestyle is something that I feel everyone can and should do. The first step in changing and getting this lifestyle is the choice you must make yourself. Step two is trusting me to help guide and motivate you on this journey.

I would like you to be part of my fit team.


Certificate in Personal Traning.
Certificates in Sport, strength and Conditioning.
Trifocus Fitness Academy.


- Professional rugby
- Trained the 2017 Natural Olympia Winner (wheelchair division)
- Worked at a high class gym in Kuwait.

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