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Caitlin Anderson
South Africa
Meet Caitlin

My name is Caitlin Anderson and I trained with and completed my personal training certificate through Trifocus Fitness Academy. I am pursuing a career in personal training as I enjoy helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. As a young teenager I had no desire to exercise. I also had no interest in understanding how my diet affects my daily life and bodies ability to thrive rather than just survive. When I was 17 I decided to focus on my health and fitness journey as I could see the incredible results achieved by my friends and family when they made some simple changes in their daily life.

Through Trifocus and my own personal journey I have learnt how to guide and motivate people to achieve their own health and fitness goals.

I feel that one never stops learning and I will be continuing my quest for an even better understanding of health and fitness through continued studies through New Bridge College.

Please sign up for one of my packages so that I can help you gain the experience I have and want to pass onto you, helping you achieve your fitness goals.


Personal trainer (Trifocus Fitness Academy)
Physical IQ national certificate in fitness


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