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Blayne Abrahams
South Africa
Meet Blayne

My name is Blayne Abrahams,I am currently 20 years old and into the fitness industry. I’m a bodybuilder and I’ve been training seriously for 5 years and doing it competitively for 1 year.
I’ve done sports ever since I was in primary school,I played rugby until matric and I’ve also gone to Argentina in the South African academy rugby team.
I’ve done hip-hop until matric as well as my mom is a dancer teacher,I’ve went to Las Vegas for hip-hop as well.
So I’ve got a long history of sport behind my name.

I love helping people to be a better version of themselves and helping them reach a potential they don’t know they have and to motivate and support them whenever they need someone.


Matric in 2017
I’m currently studying personal training and nutrition as well as online marketing.


Went to Argentina part of the South African rugby academy.
Went to Las Vegas for Hip-Hop international.
Placed 2nd and 3rd at Gymnastics SA’s.
Placed 3rd at my first bodybuilding competition.
Qualified for the Arnold Classic Africa at my second competition.

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