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Anton Verhoog
South Africa
Meet Anton

Very passionate about health and fitness and helping people reach their fitness/body goals.


  • Degree majoring in Human movement studies.
  • Exercise science diploma
  • Sports nutrition and supplementation
  • Various gym/training certificates.

About me

I have been a Personal trainer for over 6 years now. Working at a Private bank gym in Sandton helping many people along the way. I also have a PopUpGym where I train people in the comfort of their home. Now its time to do Online Personal training.

I feel the fitness industry is cluttered with too much "quick fixes" and fads and "overnight solutions" I do it the right/sustainable way - Eating and training properly .

Whatever your goals are - I can help you. From getting stronger, building muscles, losing weight, to sculpt a nice pair of glutes, I am the man for the job!

I want to help people the proper way. Smashing gym effectively and fueling your body right! If you are interested, contact me, let's chat.

Lets do it! 

Anton ✌


BA Sports communication UJ
Exercise science diploma HFPA
Sports nutrition and supplementation HFPA


Personal trainer for 6 years. Helping many people achieve their goals along the way.
Started a PopUpGym. Where I train people in the comfort of their home.

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