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Charl Saunderson
South Africa
Student package
This package is available for students that want to change there lifestyle ...
R 500 Monthly
Duration: 1 monthsVIEW DETAILS
Month to Month
Change your life month by month ...
R 1000 Upfront
Duration: 1 monthsVIEW DETAILS
Military fitness challange
military fitness challenge will test you mentally and physically ...
R 1500 Upfront
Duration: 8 weeksVIEW DETAILS
12 week student
Let’s bring fitness into your studies ...
R 2000 Upfront
-- OR --
R 670 Monthly
Duration: 12 weeksVIEW DETAILS
Once off Training plan and Diet
Kickstart your fitness journey with some help ...
R 500 Upfront
Duration: 4 weeksVIEW DETAILS
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