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Your Exercise Workout Programme

Whether you are bodybuilding or wanting to lose fat or tone your body, the online Trainer you have chosen will create an Exercise Programme to suit your needs, as well as a daily Meal Plan.

You will be able to view these once logged in to our website, or on your phone with our free App.

Log your Workouts

You will be able to follow along with the exercises on your phone as you train. You will also be able to log your workouts as you complete each set, you can enter the sets, weights and reps, or duration for cardio exercises. Or you can do so later if you prefer.

Your online Trainer will modify your Exercise Programme regularly once he/she has reviewed your workout logs and progress photos you can upload to your profile.

Sample Exercise Plan

The screenshot shows a sample of a day’s workout for a sample client. Your’s will be tailored to your specific goals.

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